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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

child phone usage tracking

How I Monitor My Son's Cell Phone Usage?

"Children between 12-14 year olds were tricked into 'sharing' and 'liking' a promotion for supermarket vouchers on Facebook, virally spreading the promotion which misled users into taking part in a premium rate competition." mentioned by Phoneplayplus UK mobile regulator

One of my friend’s daughters was bullied in the school and out of it by some people with malicious intentions.

I’m scared & nervous after reading these reports & incidents.

Cell Phone Parental Control Software Review

1. Phone Beagle

2. SniperSpy

3. PhoneSeriff 

4. Mobile Spy 
I’m a working mom and my husband has a touring job. My 9 to 5 job gives me little time to be with the kids on weekdays.

I got the latest smart phone with eScan Mobile Security for Android for my son as a means of communication sometime back because this is a basic necessity for today’s education and communication.

But the challenge is these cell phones for kids have Wi-Fi capability and my son can access not just social networking sites to chat with friends, but also can access all other websites.

The easy availability of pornographic material, the increasing trend of sexting (where kids send messages along with their nude photographs to other friends) and online chatting used to make me nervous as I was always thinking of the cell phone usage of my kids while I was away from them.

"A recent Pew Research Center survey found that the average number of texts sent by teens each day increased from 50 in 2009 to 60 in 2011"

I was feeling helpless and frustrated because I didn't know any way to keep track of the mobile phone usage of my kids to know what they were up to behind my back. I knew that unrestricted and unfettered use of smartphones and internet can affect their not yet fully mature minds.
I knew how difficult it was to ask my son to stay away from social networking sites, as I tried once and could not say a thing when he countered with ‘But mom you are also there on Facebook and Twitter’.

I initially tried to search through their phone book and conversations in addition to their messages and chats to look for suspicious activities, but soon found that they did not approve of my snooping habits. I too did not like this way of tracking cell phone usage.

I also tried to restrict their internet usage by changing the browsing settings, but found that they could not open many of the seemingly innocent websites, as they were deemed to be dangerous by the settings.

This frustrated Robert, my son who saw in it an evil intention to stop him from keeping in touch with his friends. Imposing restrictions also made me feel guilty, as if I was invading the privacy of my own son.

Then I came across the latest apps from Yahoo answers that have been designed keeping in mind the dilemma of parents like us. These apps are actually cell phone tracking software.

How To Spy Facebook Chat & Messages, Skype, WhatsApp & LINE Messages From A Web App or Smartphone using PhoneBeagle

I took initially a monthly subscription and I was very happy with the result. Later, I took annual subscription & got a good discount also. Most important it offers a "No Questions Asked" 100% Money back Guarantee.

These Android tracking software apps, when installed in a smartphone or a laptop, start to monitor the activities of the user and also control many of the activities with their help.  I made use of these apps and installed them in the smartphone of my son to keep a tab on their internet usage and also to monitor their browsing activities.

These tracking apps for smartphones have been very helpful in keeping a watchful eye on the internet and the smartphone usage of my kids.

I am now much less anxious thinking about what my son is doing with his smartphone and which sites he is surfing on the internet. Tracking your Android phone becomes child’s play after installing these apps.

In short, 4 steps I recommend to monitor the smartphone and internet usage of your kids.

  • Stop snooping around as kids dislike this habit in their parents
  • Growing kids hate eavesdropping
  • Install apps in the smartphones and laptops of kids to be able to monitor their internet usage
  • Educate your kids for all the risks of using smartphone
  •  Install proper anti virus & anti malware software in the phone.

Here are some other handy resources for parents with phone-toting kids:

Note: It is illegal to download cell phone monitoring software on a phone that you do not own. You can legally monitor your kids’ phones if you pay for them

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  1. I got the latest smart phone with eScan Mobile Security for Android for my son as a means of communication sometime back because this is a basic necessity for today’s education and communication. andriod phone